Strategic Advisory

Fluctuating economic conditions, unpredictable market trends, frequent changes in regulations and policies and rapid advancements in technology create obstacles and challenges in the real estate landscape.

EaseProp helps investors, developers, owners and occupiers address these complex challenges with strategic advisory. We evaluate, strategize, conceptualize and execute real estate strategies to tap market opportunities.

We support our clients with data-driven market evaluation and identify potential market opportunities to ensure that businesses obtain greater value. Our market-leading research and best-in-class advice make us trusted leaders in the industry.

Our team of strategic advisors offer comprehensive property advisory services across all real estate sectors, helping you maximise value and minimise risks of decisions and actions.

Our diverse experience and market expertise enable us to guide key stakeholders throughout the property lifecycle and advice through the decision-making process. We leverage our in-depth market intelligence to drive real estate strategies from project inception right through to the final delivery and eventual sale or usage.

Our core services

• Feasibility Analysis and Market Research – We conduct a thorough evaluation of multiple variables to maximise your returns, minimise risks and drive long-term value.
• Financial Feasibility and Business Plan – We share viable opportunities considering your long-term goals and chart a strategic plan.
• Asset Due Diligence and Risk Assessment – We provide valuable insights to help you ascertain if the asset is fit for purpose in terms of net value, ROI, profitability, etc. We also conduct risk assessments, identify potential pitfalls, and develop contingency plans for risk management.
• Construction Technologies – We offer valuable advice on constructing green and smart buildings that meet high standards of sustainable and profitable development.
• Global Trends – We analyse the market and benchmark the relevant trends across the globe to help you improve efficiency and performance.

By incorporating the expertise of strategic advisors, you can explore and embrace new growth opportunities in the real estate sector.